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Advanced Fittings is a manufacturer & exporter of Bends, Buttweld pipe fittings, Forged Fittings, Outlets, Flanges etc which are used in nuclear power plants, thermal power stations, chemical refineries, LNG plants, oil, gas and water pipeline transmission systems, offshore platforms, fertiliser plants, atomic power plants, petrochemical plants.

Some Of The Popular Locations We Serve Regularly Through Our Tie Up With Courier & Logistics Companies Mainly TNT Express, First Flight, Blue Dart Etc.


Middle East countries / Arab countries

 Iran  Turkey  Iraq  Saudi Arabia  Yemen  Syria  Israel  United Arab Emirates
 Jordan  Palestine  Lebanon  Oman  Kuwait  Qatar  Bahrain  Cyprus
 Algeria  Sudan  Morocco  Tunisia  Somalia  Libya  Mauritania  Djibouti

African countries

 Nigeria  Ethiopia  South Africa  Tanzania  Kenya  Algeria  Uganda  Sudan
 Morocco  Ghana  Mozambique  Ivory Coast  Madagascar  Angola  Cameroon  Niger
 Burkina Faso  Mali  Malawi  Zambia  Senegal  Zimbabwe  Chad  Guinea
 Tunisia  Rwanda  South Sudan  Benin  Somalia  Burundi  Togo  Libya
 Sierra Leone  Eritrea  Liberia  Mauritania  Gabon  Namibia  Botswana  Lesotho
 Equatorial Guinea  Gambia  Guinea-Bissau  Mauritius  Swaziland  Djibouti  Réunion (France)  Comoros
 Seychelles  Cape Verde  Mayotte (France)  São Tomé and Príncipe  
 Republic of the Congo  Central African Republic  Democratic Republic of the Congo

European Union Countries

 Germany  United Kingdom  France  Italy  Spain  Poland  Romania
 Belgium  Greece  Netherlands  Portugal  Czech Republic  Hungary  Sweden
 Austria  Bulgaria  Denmark  Finland  Slovakia  Ireland  Croatia
 Lithuania  Slovenia  Latvia  Estonia  Cyprus  Luxembourg  Malta
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